A new novel from Andy Weir, author of The Martian, Artemis tells a fun story of industrial sabotage set in the eponymous frontier colony on the Moon. It's an enjoyable book and while maybe not quite as intense as The Martian, the plot is solid and compelling. I'm not really qualified to judge whether Weir was able to write an authentic female perspective, but I appreciate that the main character is a strong, smart, independent woman. She's the kind of character we could use many more of.

Artemis benefits from Weir's extensive technical research and the world of Artemis feels entirely believable. The only detail that I got hung up on is the population of Artemis. 2000 people feels like an order of magnitude too small for the bustling economy described in the book. It seems like there's far too many specialized professions and locations for a city of that size.

Otherwise, good book. Recommend.