The continued lack of UI for stopping snoozed alarms in iOS

Almost a year ago, I tweeted:

There are plenty of great new features in iOS 5, but there’s still no way to tell if an alarm is currently snoozed.

Well, here we are with freshly launched iOS 6 and there’s still no mechanism for (1) determining if an alarm is currently snoozed (2) stopping that alarm mid snooze without turning it completely off. Surely I am not the only person who snoozes their alarm several times in the morning and sometimes gets up in the middle of snooze period (a period which is not user configurable, but that’s a whole separate complaint).

The reason that this is an issue at all is that my weekday alarm repeats, but if I want to prevent it from going off again after snoozing I have to completely disable it. This strikes me as a dangerous: I might accidentally leave it turned off and not have an alarm the following morning.

Press the snooze button... There's no way to reset a snooze without dangerously disabling the alarm.

Here’s the easy solution: when an alarm is snoozed, increment the badge count on the Clock app, making it clear that there’s something in the app that needs the user’s attention. If the same alarm fires again and is subsequently snoozed, the badge count stays the same: there’s still only one alarm that needs attention. Finally, for alarms that are currently snoozed, add a “Reset” button that clears the current snooze without disabling the alarm completely.

And now I’ve set my personal record for most uses of the word “snooze” in single document.